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Claire in Sicily - From Sicily to the World! 

Claire in Sicily - From Sicily to the World! 

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Visiting Etna with Newborns and Toddlers, is it possible?

2024-06-10 13:25



un papà che porta sullo zaino da trekking un neonato sull'Etna

Visiting Etna with babies and very young children can you? Here are my tips as a mom and family guide on Etna.

Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, offers extraordinary and unforgettable adventures. However, visiting this natural wonder with babies and very young children requires some precautions and careful planning. Here is a comprehensive guide, put together by yours truly: hiking guide on Mount Etna and mom of three. These are my tips for families wishing to explore Mount Etna with their little ones.

Etna with babies, first ask your pediatrician

una mamma con i suoi bambini sull'Etna

Before planning any mountain climb, it is essential to consult your pediatrician. Every child is different, and only a doctor can provide appropriate answers based on the child's health status. It is especially important to consider:


  • Earache
  • Cold
  • Low blood pressure


These factors can be contraindications for a high-altitude ascent.


Any tips? As well as in the airplane provide a pacifier a baby bottle or arrange breaks to breastfeed the baby.

At what altitude is it possible to lead small children to Mount Etna?

marsupio con bebé sull'Etnaetna-con-neonati-e-bambini-piccoli-1.jpeguna famiglia con un bambino piccolo sull'Etna

In generally, young children require some precautions before facing a climb above 2,000 meters. However, adaptation to altitude also depends on the family's habit of the mountains. 


Here are some guidelines:


  • Slow and Gradual Ascent: A gradual ascent allows children to better acclimatize to the altitude. Hikes should include many stops and breaks.
  • Maximum Altitude: Very young children, under one year of age, should not be taken above 2,500 meters in altitude as a precaution. But again this can be subjective from child to child.

Cable car, is it worth it?

bambini che sorridono sull'Etna

Let's dispel the myth that to visit Mount Etna you have to take the cable car. This is often the most expensive and least authentic solution you can choose.

To visit Mount Etna you do not need to take the cable car and reach higher altitudes. Already at lower altitudes you can in fact volcanic landscapes like these in the photo:


bambino piccolo sull'Etnaetna-nord-classic4.jpeg

Indeed, with young children it is advisable to stay at lower altitudes, ideally below 2.000 meters. The cable car can be fascinating, but it involves a rapid increase in altitude that may not be suitable for infants and young children, causing acclimatization problems.


For this reason, I do not recommend using the cable car when traveling with very young children.

Experiences and difficulties of families on Etna

una famiglia sull'Etna

The experiences of families who have visited Etna with young children are generally positive. You can read reviews from those who have chosen our Family Tours by clicking on this link. However, some common problems have been noted:

  • Fatigue: Hiking can be tiring for young children, so it is important to plan short routes with lots of breaks. A baby carrier will be essential.
  • Wind and Cold: Altitude means lower temperatures and stronger winds. It is essential to dress in layers and bring extra clothes for small children.

Choose a family-friendly itinerary


The itinerary should be adapted to the needs and pace of children. It is advisable to rely on an experienced, family-friendly guide who knows how to handle the needs of little ones and make the excursion enjoyable for the whole family.


The Baby Etna tour, for example, is perfectly suited to the needs of a family with infants and very young children.

Etna with babies and toddlers: practical tips

neonato che dorme accanto a uno zaino da trekking sull'Etna

Dress Appropriately: Bring layered clothing, hats, gloves and windbreakers in winter, hat, sunglasses and light clothing in summer (but never forget a sweatshirt or kway).

  1. Bring Supplies: AWater, healthy snacks and hot or cold drinks for little ones.
  2. Use Mountain Backpacks: For infants, a baby carrier or ergonomic mountain backpack can be very helpful. 
  3. Plan Breaks: PPlan for frequent stops to rest and acclimatize.
  4. Sun Protection: Even in the mountains, the sun can be strong. Use child-friendly sunscreen and hats with visors.
  5. Choose a family friendly guide who can respect your time.

Visiting Mount Etna with young children is possible and can be a memorable experience for the whole family. With the right precautions and an experienced guide, you can enjoy the beauty of the volcano safely. Always remember to consult your pediatrician before planning your visit and tailor the itinerary to the needs of young children.

For a safe and unforgettable adventure on Etna with infants or young children, count on our Etna Family Tours. 

You can choose the Etna Baby Tour for an exclusive and safe experience.

Contact us to plan your family-friendly excursion!

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